Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Introducing Mohamed Gamal

Mohamed Gamal is the name that I amazingly heard during an electrical engineering training that I attended at the Ras Shoker petrol plant a couple of years ago during college. Mohamed Gamal worked there around 45 years ago and till now you can hear his name being praised by the workers there. He was one of the legendary people working at that plant long ago.
So what did that man do to have his name mentioned there after 45 years ?

Digging into his history, you'll find out how much work and dedication he has given to his career in addition to the non-career category as well. How much care he has put in being fair enough with all of his relationships. I will be posting more about him in upcoming posts but for now, just know that he's my father !


  1. Like father like son

    1. Thank you Tariq, I appreciate your quote and I hope that I reach this one day.


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