Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting better PDFs out of LinkedIn !

Maintaining your resume over a publicly known resume website such as LinkedIn has turned out to be a great method to expose yourself to the world. Though, when it comes to sending your resume to a company, you will have to either send some private resume (possibly in Word format) you have been keeping around or generate a PDF version from your online profile (if it's possible).
Unfortunately, what really counts is what reaches to the company you're aiming for. Therefore, your online profile will better be available in a neat PDF form, or you will find yourself copying most of your online information back and forth between a private Word file and your online profile.
I have been using LinkedIn for quite a while and have found that the PDF format of the online profiles to be somehow too basic compared with today's quality resumes. Someone may favor it's simplicity, but I was looking for something that's really eye-catching. Recently, I bumped into a LinkedIn Labs web application called Resume Builder. It turned out this is what I really needed after all.

To sum it up, the resume builder web application allows you to pull your linkedin profile into any of the pre-defined templates (looking forward to create our own templates !). Once you're profile has been pulled, you can show/hide/re-order the segments of your resume to look the way you want it to. After you have performed this, you can generate a nicely looking PDF version of your resume. If you have updated your LinkedIn profile at anytime later on, you can basically just pull it again into the resume builder.

You can go even further to write your original profile in the Markdown wiki syntax and it will be automatically rendered in your resume. This is something that's really lacking in LinkedIn's original features.

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