Monday, April 14, 2008

Who stands up to be imam ?

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A couple of days ago after the Isha'a prayers at the mosque, the imam turned around and discussed the issue of who stands up to be the imam ? At first he discussed the factors that decide who is candidate for the imamship which briefly involve how good you read the Qu'ran then how much you memorized the Qu'ran...etc. But then he touched the issue where I see most people go wrong, which is
What if you see someone who isn't supposed to be imam, standing upfront ? What should you do ?
From what I have seen, it happens many times that people just arrogantly shout or push back those who stand up for the imamship when they aren't good enough especially when it's a young man who did it.

The imam discussed this point in a really sensible manner, he said that it takes a lot of braveness to actually walk in front of people and stand there reading the Qu'ran out loud. Even if you happen to find the current imam not *that* good, you shouldn't go shouting at him as soon as the prayers end or even look hostile. You could probably discuss this issue while walking with him on your way out as a friendly talk.

Then the imam concluded his talk with what I find a very constructive statement, that if young men do stand up for imamship , then it's a sign that hopefully they can become leaders one day, it happens that schools and colleges in the US value this ingredient in kids and apply them for leadership courses, then why not seed this principle in our mosques.
In short ... Give space for leadership...

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